Our textile collections consist of fabrics that are designed by us and produced exclusively for GAZUR by two manufacturers - in Portugal and Italy.

For our fabric design we seek inspiration in the urban space. We observe people, urban landscapes and trends, and develop our collections based on the colors and shapes we see. We aim to create garments that will address the seasonal needs and add elegance and style to your outfit.

When designing textiles there are many factors to consider in order to achieve the feeling and shape we want for the final product. The way fabric is woven or knitted and its components determine its final qualities. We must choose carefully which materials to combine and consider their production process.

As we prefer to work with natural materials, the main component of our fabrics is cotton, which is breathable, durable, warm and easy to handle.
However, not all of our models are made of 100% cotton. For some models we combine cotton with other materials to allow different qualities such as flexibility, softness and a fuller body.
In some cases, these added material will give the fabric a “wool-like” feeling and look, while avoiding the problematic character of virgin wool.

For these models we choose fabrics that are produced in a regeneration process – using a special compressing technique, our manufacturers transform clothes waste to yarn, which consists a combination of cotton and synthetic materials.
In this way we maintain a more sustainable production

We are proud to say that our garments are elegant and soft to touch, can be easily washed and will keep their beautiful shape for long.