Following our philosophy of Eco-thinking, we use exclusively leather rests in our creations.


Most of our leather comes from high quality upholstery manufacturers in Germany, where leather is chosen carefully for its beauty and strength. These qualities allow us to create items which are durable and will age beautifully.


Furniture manufacturers usually use only the “perfect” parts of the leather sheets, which leads to large quantities of unused leather pieces. Instead of adding to the leather industry by buying new leather, we choose to use what is already there - we collect leftovers which will otherwise go to waste, and reuse them to create long-lasting products.


In our unique working process, we let the pieces we find, with their limited size and imperfections, inspire us and lead us in our design. We see small imperfections in the texture or color of the leather a design element, which highlights its ever-changing nature.


Each year we travel to south Germany and visit several upholstery workshops to see, touch and dig into the leather rests they collected for us.


We never know what we might find and here's where the magic lies...