How will my order be packaged?

Each WALLET is carefully packed in a soft fabric bag, which protects the leather from damaging while traveling to you. We use a hard cardboard envelope in a small size so it can easily slip into your mailbox.

Our SCARF packaging, which is designed especially for us, contains the scarf and the leather band. On the package you will find illustrations which will guide you how to wear it in the most chic way. We use a hard cardboard box which ensures that the gift packaging will arrive safe and undamaged.

*In general, we do our best to use degradable or reusable packaging products and minimize the use of plastic.

Where are GAZUR products designed?

All Gazur products are designed in our studio in Kreuzberg neighborhood, Berlin. Here we research, test materials and make the prototypes. Each prototype is being tested by us and by selected clients for its functionality, right form and durability.


Where are GAZUR products made?

We work with small manufacturers within the EU to minimize our carbon footprint. Our textiles are manufactured in Italy and Portugal and our leather wallets in Spain and Berlin.

Our signature leather bands are produced by a social manufacture in north-west Germany.