Wallet Care

By following few simple care instructions, you will enjoy a long lasting wallet which will age beautifully and will develop its own unique look.

Overloading your wallet

      Leather tends to stretch and not go back to its original shape. We suggest not to overload your wallet (see recommended card capacity).
        Our elastic band is strong and durable. Nevertheless, its elasticity will be affected by overloading your wallet.
          Exposure to heat and sunlight
            Limit exposure to direct heat and sunlight - when exposed to sunlight leather might lose or change its color. In addition, leather which is exposed to extreme heat might crack and change its texture.
              Wet Leather

                Avoid placing on or in damp or wet surfaces. Humidity or liquid will ruin the leather. Color, texture and shape will be affected. If your wallet got wet, dry it carefully with a soft cloth (an old T-shirt or similar). Let the wallet dry completely before using it again.

                Speed drying leather changes its chemical structure so aim for room temperature drying with gentle air rather than direct heat (such as hair-dryer).

                Leather will remember the shape it had when wet. Before drying, empty the wallet from cards, coins and any other items and lay it flat on a smooth surface.

                    Optional: If your wallet got wet or got a bit dry, gently rub leather cream on the outer surface. It will help revive the leather.
                    Take care - leather cream might darken the color of your wallet.
                      Cleaning your wallet
                        In general, there is no need to clean your wallet on a regular basis. If your wallet has been stained, do not use soap or any chemical agents, instead use an alcohol-free leather cleaner. Try it first on a hidden spot to avoid unexpected reaction. These products vary from country to country, please consult your local supplier.
                          Be extra careful when using pens near leather as ink can soak below the surface & won’t come out