We are Shahar and Noam, sharing a life and passion for design. Together we dream, explore and create at GAZUR STUDIO in Berlin, Germany.



Our journey started about ten years ago, when we decided to quit our jobs and travel around India for several months. There, among many wonders, we met people who made a living of their creations. It opened our mind. When we returned to Israel, we dreamed of creating our own designs.

In Tel Aviv, Shahar, who has a B.A.in textile design, was working at a furniture design studio. Realizing the amount of waste the industry produces, she started collecting leather off-cuts and planning the first models for our bags and wallets. A few months later, we got our chance to kick-start our business: an upholstery workshop had closed down and called us to collect everything they were about to throw away. We went home with nine bags of leather scraps!
From these scraps, we created our first collection.
Six months later we moved to Berlin – an inspiring city full of creative people.

After we found our base in Berlin, we were able to expand our variety and return to design with textile. Our search for fine materials led us to beautiful Portugal, which has a long tradition of textile production. We flew over and traveled through the villages to visit local manufacturers. Luckily we managed to establish good relationships with several manufacturers, which we visit regularly. Another manufacture we work with is based in Italy and supplies us each year a beautiful new collection of custom made fabrics.

We create a variety of textile accessories: scarves, head bands, cardigans, yoga socks.

We are always looking for new channels to discover special materials to work with; the search is not limited to leather and fabrics - we are hoping to introduce new exciting upcycled materials soon (stay tuned!).

Most of our designs are triggered by a need. When we’re working on a new product, we cut and combine leather scraps into a model, which usually lies on the studio's floor for about a week. We walk around, move pieces around here and there until the shape is formed. Next, we sew a rough prototype, which we use or give to friends to try out before we finalize the design. We place a lot of importance on stability, sustainability and making products that will last. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a client pull money for a new bag out of a wallet he bought from us two years ago.

Being in contact with our clients is important to us, and we try always to give the best solution to any questions, as if we were talking face to face.