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Sustainable Packaging

When designing our GAZUR products, we aim for a product that should accompany you for years to come. However, the packaging in which it comes to you ideally should not. Unfortunately, we can’t do without packaging. We simply need to label and protect the items during transport. We’re continuously looking for improved solutions in terms of environmental impact.

We therefore consciously chose packaging materials that can be either recycled, composted or being used for other purposes.
You too can help protect the environment and, when possible, simply use shipping packages, wrapping paper and boxes several times. Use cotton bags for shopping

Gift Box

Our scarf packaging, which is designed especially for us, contains the scarf and the leather band. On the package you will find illustrations which will guide you how to wear it in the most chic way. We use a hard cardboard box which ensures that the gift packaging will arrive safe and undamaged.

Compostable Packaging Bags

For shipping our scarves, we choose "Pack-from-nature"composable bags. The bag is non-toxic to worms and can be easily composted
both commercially and at home.

Made of 70-80% PBAT which is 100% composable and 20% – 30% PLA which is produced from dextrose found in biological raw materials.

Wallet Packaging

Each wallet is carefully packed in a soft fabric bag, which protects the leather from damaging while traveling to you. You can use them later for other purposes.
We use a hard cardboard envelope in a small size so it can easily slip into your mailbox.

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